Below are examples (1 metre circular) of  Fidget Table Cloths hand-made by Marian.

These table cloths provide sensory and tactile stimulation for fidgety and restless hands of people with Dementia, Alzheimers and other cognitive challenges. The table cloths help to keep sufferers' hands busy and minds relaxed. The sensory table cloths can have a calming influence on the restlessness and anxiety that comes with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

They are made of soft fabrics and textiles and come in different colours and various sizes. Each is unique and some feature themes such as golf, sailing, cooking, sewing, dogs, cats and other pets. Everyday items are used to decorate the table cloths such as buttons, ribbons, lace, velcro, zips, wool, fluffy fabrics and beads - all very securely attached. Some have secret pockets to open and reveal special treasures or surpises. They have soft polyester filling and are double stitched to keep their shape. They can be washed in cold water in a laundry bag and hung on a line or laid flat to dry. DO NOT tumble dry.

If you see a design you would like or would like a specially themed one-off table cloth made for a loved one, contact Marian for further information and details.